Nintendo Switch accessory

Yesterday Nintendo teased a brand new Nintendo Switch accessory, but they didn’t reveal what games it will be used for. The accessory comes in two parts, the first of which is a strap that attaches to the player’s leg, and has a holster for one Joy Con. The second part is a circle that the player must hold onto in order to play a game, which also has a holster for a Joy Con.

Check out the trailer below and read on for the five types of game we think the accessory could be used with.


11) Driving Games

While this isn’t the first type of game you might see this accessory being used for given what the players are doing in the above video, it’s undeniable that this device looks a lot like a steering wheel. With the Nintendo Wii, the company released a steering wheel accessory for the Wii Remote to slot into, and this new Nintendo Switch accessory looks like the next evolution of that. With most Nintendo Switch bundles coming packaged with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition, it’s likely that nearly all Switch owners have a racing game to entice them into purchasing this accessory for.

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