It’s arguable that the most anticipated game of 2017 is Prey. Imagine a game that is has alien creatures that have the power to transform into any object, can easily kill and take control other people, and are being tested secretly aboard a space station above earth. Now, imagine that these creatures escape their containments and begin killing the people aboard the ship–and it’s up to you to stop them before the ship returns to Earth. You can’t tell me you don’t want to play this game after reading that.

You play lead protagonist Morgan Yu, aboard a space station in the year 2035. Your mundane life takes a unique turn when you awake one day to find a black, alien creature attached to your arm. This encounter of the third kind leaves you with the creature’s alien powers. Including mimicking objects.

You can tap further into these powers while using an assortment of advanced weapons right out of a Sci-Fi thriller movie. Not to mention, this game is an open map. Meaning you can go forwards and backwards without locked doors or long loading screens. In addition, you can venture outside in space to get to other parts of the space station.

Space, aliens, powers, high tech guns, and must save the Earth—who wouldn’t say yes to that?!