2Sades SA-708

I promise that I haven’t been bribed by Sades to promote their products! It’s just that their headphones are extremely high quality and come at incredible prices. This one for example comes at an incredible deal at the moment of writing (pricing might change though) and sells at a discount of $70. Now that’s a hot deal and I had to write about these headphones, which also have an amazing design and awesome features. It has a soft pu leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad for comfortable wearing even for hours and the microphone hides well inside the left headphone, which is also a bonus. Although this one doesn’t have the 7.1 surround sound the model above has, it still delivers great sound quality and especially amazing bass. It goes really loud as well, but we all know that sound clarity is important, and that’s exactly what you get from this model. It is lightweight, it feels nice when you wear it and it has the Sades leds to make you look as cool as possible. For this price, you won’t find anything better! Click here to check them out (or click here for the UK/Europe).