The Judicator of League of Legends is a multi-role champion that can serve basically any purpose with distinction. Kayle is mostly used as a mage in top and middle lanes but there’s another role she’s particularly good at. Supporting with Kayle is surely out of the mainstream trends but it doesn’t mean she’s an unwise choice. Kayle is extremely versatile and she can be built in multiple ways according to players’ choices. Besides, she has an incredible skill utility and counter-engaging commands.

1Reckoning: Engaging and Counter-Engaging

Reckoning is one of the most powerful slows in game and it can be used in an offensive or defensive way. This skill can reduce the movement speed of a single target up to 55% during three seconds. It might seem quite short but it’s not. In fact, this spell can pick up kills easily if Kayle is moving with other allies. But that’s not all, if the enemy team decides to engage she can simply nullify one of them with this effective slow. At least during three seconds, one of the four enemy champions won’t be able to pursue allies.