NBA 2K15

My favorite game mode in the NBA 2K series – and I am sure I am not the only one – is My Career, where I try to take My Player and turn him into an NBA legend. This year’s game makes no difference, and with a pretty big change in the approach of this game mode, the NBA 2K15 My Career is better and more interesting than ever. It is also just as difficult as ever and I am sure that some tips and tricks won’t hurt if you want to make quick progress. And I am here to share that with you with a complete NBA 2K15 My Career guide and tips for a perfect My Player.

From starting out and selecting your first team to becoming a starting player and eventually earning your MVP trophy, all our tricks will help you out a lot so let’s check out our NBA 2K15 My Career guide below and let’s get ready for the spotlights with My Player!

1Creating your player & player management

Unlike the previous games where you had a lot of control regarding your player’s stats, in NBA 2K15 things are a bit different. You start out by choosing just the physical appearance of your player and an important element: the height. It’s all common sense now: if you want to play PG, don’t get your height too high. If you want to rule under the rim, get your player over 6.7. And that’s the only thing that you can control before heading to the first game and given a chance to be in the NBA.

If you manage to get selected for a team with the 10 days contract, things will get more interesting and you will have access to a bunch of other customization options.

First start with the animations and make sure you select the ones that seem like the best to use in the game. You want quick, good moves that will confuse the defender, so select what seems best. Crossover 2 seems a good place to start, but you can try them out and see where it goes.

Then, the most important thing follows: upgrading your attributes. You start with a specific set of attributes based on the position you have chosen (and probably your height) and, unlike the previous games, in NBA 2K15 you upgrade them in batches. There are six categories and each upgrade gives you extra points in each area. The Athletic category, for example, improves your standing and driving dunk, Speed, Quickness, Vertical, Strength, stamina and Hustle. So a lot of skills to improve in one go, but unfortunately you don’t have a direct control on what to focus on.

Still, the six categories are pretty good and they still allow you to specialize. Now, depending on what you want to do in the game and what your role is, there are more options. I would personally recommend to spend all your coins on upgrading the attributes and none on getting “fashion” items for your player. It makes a lot of sense: you want to become a good player first, and only later on sport the best headband in town.

So my suggestion regarding attributes would be to get a few upgrades on the Athlete pack (get it at least to level 3), then the jump shooter (level 5) because being able to score really is important in the game. Finally, I would suggest you invest some coins in the Defender pack and maybe the Rebounder, depending on your play style. The advantage of skills coming in packs is that they are overall cheaper than in previous games, where just increasing your speed by one point was insanely expensive.