4If You Can’t Do It Right, Just Lie

2K Community Manager Ronnie Singh has a lot of explaining to do. He’s been known in the past to lie about game features. Back before NBA 2K17 launched, Ronnie promised underwater parks in an interview with 2KTV. They never showed up and he later claimed this was just a joke. This year, he has gone above and beyond to aggressively scam gullible fans.

When called out on his stream about The Neighborhood being the same, he claimed it wasn’t. Stating that NBA 2K20 would not share the same Neighborhood as NBA 2K19. He lied. Later, when questioned about 2K’s aggressive microtransactions, he claimed you could respec builds to save VC. He lied. He claimed the team was going to add more pie charts and buff small forwards after community feedback of the demo. He lied.

An official employee of 2K sat there on-stream spouting lie after lie knowing exactly what he was doing. The backlash has been huge. Both #Fix2k20 and #FireRonnie2k were first and second on Twitter’s trending section. 2K let Ronnie keep lying because they knew full well it would trick people into buying NBA 2K20. They had a responsibility to shut down the lies but they didn’t care about us enough to bother. In their eyes, Ronnie’s lies were an act of heroism that pocketed them a little extra cash.