Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is Game Freak’s latest endeavor in their main series Pokemon games. It’s been three years since the release of Sun and Moon so anticipation for the eighth generation is huge. Several controversies leading up to release cast some doubts regarding Sword and Shield’s ability to deliver quality content. With over half of the 890 Pokemon gone, does the newly added content make up for it? Yes, for a while at least.

1Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Gorgeous Galar Region

Let’s start out on a positive note. At their core, Pokemon Sword and Shield are both still quality RPGs in their own right. As expected, Game Freak has nailed the concept of forming a team, beating gyms, and becoming a champion that all fear. On the way to winning it all, I got the pleasure of exploring the Galar region.

As a native Brit, I was pretty excited to see Pokémon’s fantasy representation of my homeland. Aesthetically, they smashed it. Many of the UK’s famous cities and attractions get representation. Motostoke is a clear nod to Manchester. Hammerlock seems to be based on England’s second city, Birmingham. Even more, niche historical cities like Nottingham and Bath get interpretations with their in-game counterparts, Ballonlea and Circhester.

Graphical fidelity aside, from an artistic point of view Pokemon Sword and Shield is beautiful. I honestly thought the Alola region was the pinnacle of design for the series, but they’ve gone above and beyond yet again. Exploring the Galar region’s many sights with my team has been a truly blessed experience.