3Dragapult: Shocking, the Psuedo-Legendary Is Good

It’s no secret that pseudo-legendaries tend to be pretty good. Dragapult is no different. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s 600 base stat Dragon/Ghost possesses some scary stats. Having both 120 Attack and 100 Special Attack makes Dragapult relatively unpredictable. Equally, his 142 Speed places him third overall in the entire Galar Pokedex. The Pokemon ahead of him, Ninjask and Accelgor, aren’t strong enough to concern Dragapult in the first place.

Knowing that you’re guaranteed to go first with good typing, great attack stats and surprisingly passable bulk makes Dragapult lethal. Unbelievably, it gets even better. Dragapult’s hidden ability is Infiltrator. Infiltrator allows the user to pass through Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Mist, and Substitute. Outside of Protect and Toxic, there are very limited methods of stalling out Dragapult.

For STAB moves you are probably going to run Draco Meteor and Shadow Ball. Alternatively, a physical set can be run to surprise your opponent. In so, Dragon Rush and a non-STAB secondary like Psychic Fangs could be an option. Unfortunately, the only notable Ghost-type physical move Dragapult learns is Phantom Force. Running a fixed two-turn move gives the opponent a free window to prepare and set up.

Assuming you keep with a special set, Dragapult gets access to many meta coverage moves. The likes of Thunder, Hydro Pump, and Fire Blast all come to mind. Thunder, in particular, stands out as otherwise, Corviknight will hard counter you. In saying that, Corviknight’s stats aren’t all that and the lack of counters in Sword and Shield help Dragapult shred.

Generally speaking, you want to make the most out of Dragapult’s capabilities as a top-tier sweeper. I wouldn’t recommend messing around with any support or set up moves.