The Evil Within received a huge update at PAX East this year and a new gameplay trailer has been unveiled. But the reception hasn’t been the best so far, mainly because the content labeled as survival-horror displays a shocking reality – The Evil Within clearly fails at horror. It’s not simply a question of psychological elements; the game itself lacks the mood, the graphics and the details to actually succeed at this vastly explored genre.


The Elements are There, The Mood is Not

After visualizing the new trailer, I found myself wondering if The Evil Within is actually a horror game. Why? Well, I dislike horror games because I get easily scared but in this case nothing was able to affect me in a horror intended way. Now, that’s a very worrisome sign. I know the core elements are there – the blood baths, the abominations, the dark-shady environments… but it just doesn’t feel right. I suppose because the mood has been forgotten. The elements might be there but if they’re not properly arranged, then the final product is not going to work as intended. Besides, we’re already in a new era of gaming, which means Tango Gameworks should be presenting something new and innovative rather than this old fashion horror that has decayed over-time.