Crooked Mile

A Crooked Mile pursuits the escape of prime suspect Ichabod Crane, who was found guilty of murdering Lily during the previous episode, Smoke and Mirrors. The whole story revolves around the previous events discovered in the Open Arms Hotel and the possibility of new involvements. Finding the truth is the main priority for Bigby and the deputy department but when things seem to be finding its route, everything just becomes even more complicated.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 ‘A Crooked Mile’
Bigby starts by examining Crane’s desk.

11. Gameplay: Following the Leads

Gameplay Score: 8/10

In this new episode the gameplay is more centered in exploration rather than combat. As Fabletown’s detective, Bigby has to visit different places and search for possible evidence that might lead to Crane’s current location. Finding and analyzing objects is the predominant activity in this interactive episode. A bit tedious for some but it can be exciting in its own way. Solving murdering cases requires intelligence and wisdom and that’s why fighting is not the main focus in A Crooked Mile. However and as usual, combat hasn’t been forgotten and Bigby will get himself into deep trouble. Despite the few moments of action, they’re all much more intense and severe with profound consequences for the upcoming episode, In Sheep’s Clothing.