Many of us are spending a ton of time in Fallout 4 building their settlements. I am sure one of those people and even though I probably have over 6 hours invested in settlement development, mine never manage to look like anything we’re going to see below. Some people really manage to build up some amazing settlements that look great and I am sure are best to live in after the nuclear apocalypse. If you need inspiration for your own settlements, this is the place to be as we have for you the best settlements in Fallout 4 below!

I am sure you can do something similar if you invest enough time in building settlements. My goal is definitely to create something similar, now that I know that sky’s the limit in this game!

1Atrus Compound

Best Fallout 4 settlements 011

A wood & steel mammoth that defies the laws and physics but looks great. Bonus: amazing views. You can check out the entire gallery on imgur.