Soft Body is developed by one person only and he’s called Zeke Virant. The game is an odd mix of genres as it is supposed to be a twin-stick shooter and an action-puzzle game at the same time. Weird combo but it is worth a try. The announcement came through the PlayStation Blog.

Soft Body allows you to control two snakes each with one analog stick, that’s why it’s called twin-stick after all, and you swerve around the screen painting the blocks while dodging bullets and enemies that try to stop you. It sounds a lot of fun and a type of game we haven’t seen in a while.

Check it out:

The game has 2 modes, Soft mode and Hard mode. In the soft mode, you will control a two-in-one snake that is said to contain a Ghost snake in it that won’t appear unless you move the second analog at the same time and if you leave the analog to rest, the Ghost snake will return to the Soft Body.

Hard mode is a bit trickier and more difficult to master since you will always be controlling two snakes and if either of them dies due to bullets or attacked by an enemy, you will lose and start over.

Soft Body will release on PS4 and PS Vita later this year.

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