Now that we’ve gone through some tips & strategies for The Culling, things that help you win your battles or at least stay alive for a lot longer, it’s time to focus on something equally important: the Culling perks and loadouts. There are a gazillion combinations you can go for since there are a ton of perks in the game, combined with a lot of possible Air Drops, so things might seem a bit overwhelming, complicated and you might end up choosing perks more or less randomly which will not help you in the long run.

But in this article, we’ll discuss the best perks to choose in The Culling for your character, as well as some of my favorite loadouts and builds that will make the game a lot easier and victories easier to get. So let’s get this started!

When choosing the perks and Air Drops (but perks are the most important!) in The Culling, the most important thing before even selecting them is how you want to play. Will you be a melee player that will rush in to attack everybody, or you’ll play the Sniper/archer who takes them out from afar? There are different playing strategies and everybody has their own, with specific perks being better for specific strategies. I will cover my favorite below, based on the success rates I had with them.

1The Spear man

This is one of my favorite loadouts in The Culling and it’s extremely basic. Here’s what perks to choose:

Ol’ Painless (you are causing more damage with your melee weapons)
Crippler (you apply Cripple wounds with Spears and spears are very common)
Poking Deeply (bleeding lasts longer)

Combine this with the Medic Air drop (you get Orange Juice, Health restoration items and a Backpack) and you’re all set to rule the game!