DICE’s Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity has been released for the Premium members of Battlefield Hardline and since Premium members get to have a 2 week head start so the release of the DLC for normal Battlefield Hardline PC players will be on July 6. The announcement came through the Battlefield twitter and the Battlelog blog. Criminal Activity was supposed to release earlier on PC but was delayed due to technical issues and DICE has rewarded the Premium players with “a Gold Battlepack as a thanks for their patience.”

“As you may know, the Premium release of Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity for PC was recently delayed. It is now up and running for all Battlefield Hardline Premium members on all platforms, but the delay will mean that the PC release for non-Premium players will be moved to July 6.” the announcement reads. ” We are doing this in order to give Battlefield Hardline Premium members their promised 2-week head start with the expansion after their release was delayed.”

Tell us if you are excited for it and what are your thoughts if you have tried it.

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