Ninja Theory, the developer behind such cult hits as DmC, Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved, have been hard at work over the past two years on their most ambitious and creative project to date: Hellblade. A game that promises to tackle mental illness with finesse and respect, and it looks absolutely incredible. What’s more, they’ve begun what is hopefully a new trend. Transparent, open development in the Triple-A games industry.

While they are technically a small indie team, their mission is to create a Triple-A game that doesn’t fall into the trap that most of the big dogs face. A creative, inspired, unique experience that isn’t beholden to investors and massive publishers, yet still manages to look and play as if it had a 50 million dollar budget.

While this idea sounds great, it has given the devs nothing but trouble since the very beginning, and this is what makes their video series on the development of Hellblade so fascinating. They show their ups, their downs, their failures and their successes, and it all culminates in possibly the most interesting documentary series of its kind.

I highly recommend you check out the playlist below.