Most Anticipated Games of 2017

As gamers, we sit patiently awaiting news of upcoming games. It gives a purpose. It allows us to spend hours and hours online researching potential storylines, features, release dates, and characters. We become the crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend we swear we aren’t. However, one thing is certain. We live in anticipation of the future.

2017 is here, and with it brings a whole new crops of games for us. Some that gamers have waited years to finally get their hands on. Although, we do have to keep waiting for most of these, it doesn’t hurt to talk about the 6 most anticipated games of 2017.

1Horizon Zero Dawn

The PS4 exclusive is visually stunning. A truly breathtaking piece of art designed in awe-inspiring 4K format, has anyone who’s watched the gameplay trailers vouch for its beauty and violence. Making many XBOX ONE users strongly consider going to “the Dark side” (figuratively) after the E3 gameplay drop.

Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, a tribal woman who’s been out-casted by her tribe and begins to search for the secrets of the forgotten past. Setup in a post-apocalyptic world where technology reigns supreme wild across the lands and people have reverted to more uncivilized styles of life.

Aloy is equipped with a staff that also can be used effectively as a sword. Not to mention, she has a bow and some highly technological arrows that can explode, shock, as well as be upgraded to even more options. Also, did I forget to mention that this world is full of metal beasts made from technology? In addition, Aloy can climb and hack this machine to use to her advantage. You will hunt, track, scavenge for upgrades from fallen beasts, and hack the wild beast throughout the land.

Sold yet?