Best gaming glasses


You probably saw that many professional gamers are wearing yellow tinted glasses that usually look amazing too. What you probably didn’t know is that they’re not really just fashion accessories meant to make them look cool: these are special computer glasses, designed to block most of the harmful blue light that computer monitors, laptop monitors as well as smartphone & tablet displays throw at our eyes. So if you really want to protect your eyes, reduce eye strain and stay safe for prolonged periods of staring into a monitor or display, you can do so! And we’re here to make everything easier by sharing with you the best computer glasses for gaming and extended computer usage.

Because, yes, these special glasses are not meant to be used by gamers only: any person who spends more than a couple of hours per day in front of a computer can and should wear these special glasses in order to protect their eyes. And before moving on to check out our list of the best computer glasses, let’s find out a bit more about what they are, how they work and why you should get a pair right now! (If you know these, just jump over the paragraph and check our recommendations!)

1What Are Gaming Glasses & How Do They Work?

Computer glasses are specially designed glasses that are different from reading glasses or regular eyeglasses and they are sold without the need of a prescription. If you already use prescription glasses, then you should have your computer glasses custom made and never buy over the counter ones because, even though they help with reducing eye strain and blocking blue light, they’re not made to also solve your other eye problems. But if you don’t wear prescription glasses and you spend a lot of time gaming or working in front of the computer, these special computer glasses will help a lot in reducing eye strain, red eyes, general tiredness caused by computer usage and all the other eye-related problems coming from prolonged computer usage.

The lenses of these glasses are extremely special, being treated with an anti-reflective coating, as well as a light tint (usually yellow) to reduce the harmful blue light coming from today’s displays. Before ordering your pair, it would be wise to go for an eye exam, just to make sure that you don’t need regular glasses as well! You can find out even more details about these glasses on health websites like this one.

And now, let’s check out below our top choices of gaming glasses for prolonged usage of computers or laptops!