Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul is one really amazing iPhone game that was released in late August and has proven to be a great hit because of its great challenge and story and overall gameplay experience. However, since the game is also very difficult, a walkthrough might come in handy and I am here to kick off the discussion for the Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul walkthrough, where we should share hints and tips and help each other complete this wonderful game.

>We’ll start with a few basic steps to follow to complete the Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul walkthrough:

– notice the symbols on the wall when the lighting appears (or wait a little bit and the symbols will be placed as clue in your journal)

– tap the door and then select the symbols – the door’s knob will turn blue and you can open the door now.

– after entering the manor, wait a while for the lights to go off. Don’t be scared, but you’ll get injured and wake up a bit later in a room that’s really spooky.

– Take the bear from the electrical chair.

– Go back and tap the photo to the left. Get the coin from there (the skull coin)

– Go back and tap the puzzle on the wall. You have to solve it by tapping the tiles there. When complete, you will reveal the code: 4863

– Go back to the electrical chair and use your coin on it – take the key

– Go to the bookshelf and use the key on the cabinet beneath to get a rod.

– Go back to the electrical chair and use the bear with it to put it there once again. Then, place the rod on the wall with the combination lock to create a lever. Type the code we found earlier (4863) and pull the lever.

– The chair moves and you can exit the room!

And this is it! The trial version is over, but a full, complete game is coming soon. Feel free to comment below to complete it when the full version of Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul releases.



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