We’ve taken you through some of the most reliable cards for the Basic set and for the Mage class, so now is a good time to go over some of the best common cards out there for your Hearthstone collection.  Neutral cards can be used in any deck regardless of class will be vital to filling out all of your decks.  I don’t recommend going out of your way to craft any of these cards because your going to open plenty of packs over the course of the game and just be flooded with commons.  Rather, these are the cards that you’ll be able to run with in the most decks, are the most reliable on a general basis, and you shouldn’t disenchant to stock up on dust.

I’ll be going over the five best Hearthstone common cards from both the Classic set and the Goblins versus Gnomes expansion.

1Classic Set

5. Ironbeak Owl

Silence is a valuable resource in Hearthstone as it can remove any buff, debuff, or built-in ability of a minion.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many good cards with silence effects and Ironbeak Owl isn’t an exception.  Any minion with only 1 health isn’t going to go far and is especially bad against classes that can kill it with their hero power like Mage.  That said, the Owl’s low cost means that it can do its job without taking up too much of your turn and can generally be pretty viable.  The fact that it’s a beast type can also have some value, but only in very specific decks.  In some decks, you may want to use the beefier Spellbreaker instead.  It all depends on how your mana curve is balancing out and how important Silence is for the strategy that you’re going for.

4. Frost Elemental

Being able to control the game in its late stages is vital and few help you hold the board like the Frost Elemental.  Its 5/5 body holds up well in the late game and its ability to freeze an enemy when its summoned gives you an opening to trade favorably or can even save you from certain death.  Freeze prevents an enemy from attacking for one turn and can cause a serious tempo swing.  You’ll probably trade it out with rarer minions as your collection grows, but it’s a good pick in the early days.

3. Acolyte of Pain

Card draw is vital in any deck as it keeps your options varied.  Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Cult Master are good options in specific decks, but the Acolyte of Pain can serve you well in almost any deck.  Its 1/3 stat line for 3 mana is weak, but you can get a good amount of draw out of him with smart plays.  The Acolyte draws a card for you any time he takes damage and could potentially give you a serious card advantage over your opponent.  Buffing and healing him with a Paladin or Priest deck can make him an incredible resource.  Perhaps the best classes for getting value out of him are Mage and Warrior as you can easily damage the Acolyte on your own and ensure that you get a good amount of draw out of him.

2. Dark Iron Dwarf

As I’ve said before, turn 4 is one of the most crucial in the game because that is when the Yetis start to come out and you need to be able to trade favorable with that 4/5 stat line.  The Dark Iron Dwarf, on its own, may not be able to handle an enemy yeti well, but his ability to give a minion 2 more attack points for one turn allows you to trade one of your early minions into one of your opponent’s mid-game minions while also putting a tough 4/4 on the board.  He’s both a highly adaptive bit of utility and a solid body on his own.  The smaller version, Abusive Sergeant, can have similar utility, but is less likely to trade well on his own with only 1 health.

1. Harvest Golem

This was a very easy pick as Harvest Golem has always been one of the best cards in the game, common or otherwise.  A 2/3 stat line at turn three isn’t great on its own, but its ability to bring a 2/1 to the board after it dies makes it a very sticky minion that gives you a strong control of the game.  Yeah, your opponent can silence it to stop the token from appearing, but silence is a precious resource and seeing your opponent spend it early will make your late-game minions all the more secure.  With the release of Goblins versus Gnomes, it has actually gotten even better with the addition of mech synergy on both the Golem itself and the token it summons.