Nintendo Quiz

Welcome everyone to something a little different! Today, you’re going to be taking my Nintendo quiz to test your knowledge of Japan’s biggest publisher. Fair warning, these questions start out easy enough but get harder and harder as you progress. Only true Nintendo veterans even have a chance of getting all ten right.

The format has the questions in bold and the answer below in italics. Be sure to avoid looking at the italic text before you’ve locked in your answer. Anyway, good luck and no cheating!

Let’s Start! As soon as you see the question, please give your answer in the comments box below

1Question 1, Easy

What series does Smash Bros. icon Captain Falcon originally come from?

If you didn’t get this one, you’re in for a tough quiz. Captain Falcon debuted in F-Zero; Nintendo’s original racing game released in 1990. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten an entry since 2004 and doesn’t seem to be a priority for Nintendo.