Rogue-likes are hardly uncommon nowadays. If a game is not about zombies, punching trees or a combination of the two, you can bet a game has a “fresh new take on the Rogue formula”. Like rotting corpses and foliage based pugilism, we just can’t enough of the damn things. But why?

15) Quick, drop in, drop out game play

When a game is built around you dying repeatedly, often in gruesome and swift manner, you can use the feature as a way of having quick play sessions. On your lunch break? You could probably whip out a couple games of Spelunky, learn a bunch of new ways to not die, improve your play and leave feeling like you have achieved something in a very short space of time. This doesn’t mean you can’t play these games for hours on end, I have spent several days of my life descending into Dredmor…I will conquer that place one day…