Money doesn’t seem to be a real issue in Watch Dogs, at least for those who choose to be evil and merciless. But don’t panic, if you’re the hero type, there’s still plenty of options to make quick and easy money. Not everything you do in game is profitable in terms of cash. In fact, certain missions only include experience as a reward. However and as expected, Aiden Pearce is a master hacker, so if you really need money you just have to look around. Find out how to be rich and powerful in a quick and easy way.


1. Hack Citizens’ Bank Accounts

To steal money from citizens you need to enable your profiler scan option and find potential targets. There’s a clever way to identify wealthy citizens with the Profiler Optimization skill available on your hack tree. Once you’ve hacked someone’s bank account, you need to access a local ATM to collect the respective amount. You can hack multiple targets and store substantial amounts of cash.