2Ferrothorn: Sword and Shield ‘s Defining Hazard Setter

Ferrothorn is an evil hazard setter who can make his opponent’s life a misery. The Thorn Pod Pokémon’s biggest strength lies in three different areas. First of all, he possesses impressive bulk that gives him time to set up everything required. Secondly, his Steel/Grass typing is ideal for forcing switches as opponents will likely need either a fighting or fire type move to deal with him. Finally, Ferrothorn gets access to a range of the best hazard setting moves in the game.

As for move choices, you can either run Spikes or Stealth Rock. Interestingly, Ferrothorn can run both simultaneously for stacked damage on swap ins. Obviously this comes at the cost of a balanced move set but is a legitimate strategy to consider for screwing over your opponent long-term. Equally, Ferrothorn gets access to over-time damage moves like Leech Seed and Toxic. Pairing these with Protect can be an effective way to stall out some free damage.

Historically, Ferrothorn’s big problem has been dealing with powerful fire types. However, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, most of these didn’t make the cut. Both Heatran and Volcarona are uncatchable. Similarly, whilst Charizard is present, it was actually his mega evolutions that caused the biggest problems. However, it’s possible his Dynamax form could replicate the same levels of success. This makes Protect seem more important as successfully stalling out a turn of Dynamax could be game-winning.